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Create a beautiful, efficient tank

Your fish deserve to live in a beautiful tank designed just by you to fit your lifestyle. With our wide selection of aquatic supplies in stock, there is sure to be something for every unique personality.


Our aquatic supplies include:

 -  LED Lighting systems and more

 -  Artificial Aquatic plants

 -  Hang on Back and Canister Filtration systems, Cartridges, and


 -  Reef systems: Bulkheads, Protein Skimmers, Sump Systems,

             Hang on Back Overflow Boxes, Reactors, and more          

 -  Live plants and Coral

 -  Fresh water and Salt water aquariums

 -  Wide Selection of Foods including: Flake, Frozen, Live and

             Vacation Feeders

 -  Gift Cards/Books

 -  Supplements

 -  Reef Salt

 -  Several color spectrum options for T5, T8 and Halide light bulbs

 -  Red Sea tanks, products and supplements

 -  Betta tanks, decorations, supplies and food

 -  Brine shrimp hatcheries

 -  Beginner's set up kits

 -  Aeration systems, décor and supplies

 -  Gravel, sand, and plant substrates

 -  Driftwood and decorative rock

 -  Large selection of resin ornaments



The brands you have to select from are top-of-the-line. They include: Marineland, Kent, Brightwell Aquatics, Seachem, Caribesea, H2O Life, San Francisco Bay Brand, Hikari, Tetra, Ocean Nutrition, Red Sea, Deep Sea Aquatics, Planet Aquarium, Aquatic Life, Current, Penn-Plax, Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Inc. (API), Reef Nutrition, Fritz, DT's, Piscine Energetics (PE), IQF and much more.


an aquarium just

for you

For a great gift for anyone, we also have gift cards and books available.

Your aquarium should reflect your unique personality and lifestyle. We provide you with all of the necessary supplies to completely customize your tank.

Customize your aquarium

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