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Here for all of your maintenance needs

From a one-time delivery and set-up of your new aquarium to weekly, biweekly or monthly services, such as maintenance and cleaning of your tank, the professionals at The Fish Place provide it all.


We are here for any type of service call: one time emergency visits, simple water changes or complete aquarium care. We provide all of this to you at an affordable price. Give us a call and we will provide you with a quote.


A standard maintenance call for your aquarium includes:

-  Clean glass tops

-  Scrub inside glass

-  Wipe down outside glass

-  Vacuum sand or gravel

-  Partial water change

-  Clean or replace filters

-  Test water parameters and discuss a plan for changes as needed


Upon request:

-  Bring out new fish, plants, or corals and acclimate them properly to the aquarium

-  Swap out decorations for cleaning

-  Bring additional decorations


We can also provide new filters, supplies and decorations if needed. Pricing is based off of requested services, distance from our store, aquarium size, and cost of water.


us for reliable maintenance

Providing you with affordable aquarium maintenance and

service needs.

We understand how busy life can be, which is why the professionals at The Fish Place offer you a variety of service and maintenance plans to accommodate your schedule.

Leave the work up to us

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Comprehensive moving service

Moving? We understand moving is a stressful process alone without worrying about safely moving your fish tank. At The Fish Place, we know how valuable your fish tank is, along with how priceless your fish are to you. Hire The Fish Place today and schedule an appointment to move your tank to its new home with peace at mind. The Fish Place has all the equipment necessary to move your fish tank with as little stress impacted on your fish, encouraging happy, healthy fish.


Moving procedure:

 -  Schedule the moving day for your tank

 -  Turn of pumps/filters

 -  Remove all decorations/plants

 -  Drain aquarium water into portable jugs

 -  Empty out gravel into a portable bucket

 -  Collect all of the fish and living critters into our transportation


 -  Pack up any equipment/supplies for the tank

 -  Deliver to the new location

 -  Place the tank in the new desired location & level as necessary

 -  Add gravel and decorations back in

 -  Fill tank with all existing water (use new water as needed)

 -  Set up pump and filters

 -  Add fish back in through an acclimation process

 -  Set up all equipment as previously set up

 -  We can clean the gravel, decorations, glass tops, and inside glass

              for an additional charge

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Delivery and set-up

For your convenience, our experienced professionals at The Fish Place will deliver your new aquarium right to your home or business office. We will also set it up for you for an affordable price.


During the set-up process we will go over in detail how the system works. This will help you to fully understand your new equipment and the networking of the aquarium. Allowing us to set up your tank for you not only helps you to become familiar with your aquarium, it also provides you with the opportunity to ask us any questions you may have. It also ensures that your new aquarium was correctly constructed, preventing common mistakes that can become problematic in the future.


Our store always has plenty of fresh water and salt water tanks in stock. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we are more than happy to order the tank your looking for just for you. Our aquariums that we keep in stock can run anywhere from 10 gallons - 250 gallons and more!


For all unique styles and personalities, we offer beautiful wood stands and canopies, or you can custom build a tank directly in your wall through our referred contractor!


Contact The Fish Place to learn more or stop by our store.


Water Program – If you buy 50 gallons of Salt water, you get 10 gallons free. If you buy 25 gallons of R.O. water, you get 5 gallons free. If you buy 10gallons Filtered Fresh Water, you get

2 gallons free.

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